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Moore Harmony Enterprises, LLC was founded by Chef Georjean Moore and her husband Warren Moore to capture the vision of their culinary businesses. Their name captures the fusion of their respective passion for food, music and the arts.

Over the past eight years, Warren and Georjean Moore have been diligent in building the infrastructure necessary to expand their operations through a restaurant that would encompass the authentic blend of Chef Moore’s cultural roots, in the form of a Jamaican, Caribbean, tropical paradise escape for customers who are tantalized by all that the beach, sea and ocean calls them to. Irie Rhythms, The Jamaican Experience,features authentic Jamaican cuisine with the indigenous offerings of Winston-Salem; in a fusion of Winston meets Kingston cuisine.

Customers will be transported to their favorite memory of an island, body of water experience as their toes will touch the sand and their bodies sway to the chords of reggae and world music. Nestled in the hub of Winston-Salem’s retail shopping district, Irie Rhythms is located in the Silas Creek Crossing Shopping Center for all to enjoy!